Standout Motors Inc.
Address: 1595 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue,
Cubao Quezon City 1109 Philippines
Telephone Numbers: (632) 724-2647; 721-8641
Facsimile: (632) 410-3448

Standout Motors Showroom
Address: 96 Granda St. (In front of Gilmore Town Homes)
Barangay Valencia, Quezon City.
Telephone Number: 571-4151

Standout Motors

Incorporated in September of 1993, STANDOUT MOTORS came into being with a single driven purpose, for total CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
We take pride, for more that 20 years, in ably satisfying the needs and requirements of our individual and corporate clienteles. Our contacts and suppliers of motor vehicles are varied as well as diverse. We have a growing international, as well as domestic, network and alliances. We have outsourced most of our competitors in the industry in terms of pricing, quality, and service.

Standout Motors, Inc. started out in the 80’s as a domestic dealer of used motor vehicles and today ranks as one of the leading importer, indenter, and supplier of multi-branded brand new motor vehicles. Standout Motors, Inc. offers various brands of imported brand new motor vehicles.

We take great pride in our company’s renowned trustworthiness and reliability and look forward to be of service to you.